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Maintaining Your New Tile Floor

Cleaning Products

Use appropriate detergents, such as standard commercial tile care products. In particular, avoid using acid based detergents that are very harsh and corrosive, such as those used for removing scaling from lavatories. Even if they do not damage the tiles, acids of this type could damage cement based grouting. Also remember that only grouts made of epoxy materials have good resistance to chemical corrosion.

Cleaning Methods

When cleaning, try to avoid using highly abrasive materials such as metal pads. If they must be used, exercise extreme caution. This applies especially to tiles with a shiny surface, as these will show up scoring, scratching, loss of gloss most clearly.

Abrasive dirt

Certain types of dirt, (powder, sand) aggrivate the abrasion caused by people's feet. You should therefore try to keep the floor as clean as possible in order to prevent this type of dirt from being brought inside by providing doormats at entrances.

Precautions and protection

Tiled floors are not 'resilient'. In other words, they are only moderately shock proof. Every effort should be made to prevent heavy objects from dropping on them. Areas on which objects are more likely to be dropped or on which they drop more frequently should be protected with mats. For example, in the kitchen, the area in front of the oven and sink should be protected.

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